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Personalised Acacia Serving Board with Paddle

Personalised Acacia Serving Board with Paddle

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Made from gorgeous and sturdy acacia wood, these engraved wooden serving boards are excellent wedding, housewarming, birthday, or Christmas gifts for her in Australia. Your loved ones can hang them up, use them as chopping boards, or turn them into trays for multi-use.

The paddle or handle of this rectangular board is a convenient option to carry around and serve the guests.

Engrave your fathers’ pet on this rectangular serving board and gift him.

Etch a message on the serving boards - your family name, a special date, or other note that reminds your loved ones of the special bond you share. The etching will not wear off with regular use. We recommend hand-washing the 35 cm serving board and not keeping it submerged in a sink full of water.

You can have your engraved wooden serving boards in 2-3 days, and pick them up at our Sydney store.

Size: 56cm x 35cm 

Note: Actual Product may vary from photos.

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